My idea of being a movie blog writer!!!

The role of a critic or a movie blog writer essentially is to provide the audience an overall synopsis and a reason to watch the movie or not. So as a blog writer, it is important to connect with the audience in such a way that they visualise the movie/film through your eyes and appreciate the subtle nuances a movie or a filmmaker has to offer. To add to that , if reviews and opinions are able to attract a movie goer to watch it on the big screen, nothing better than this. The most sensible approach that one needs to follow is when you write or share movie reviews, you would ideally want to create maximum impact with minimalistic usage of words. This will mean that people who are reading the blog feel that they are actually hearing a narration or something that they want to be a part of.

The idea or the essence of watching a movie must come out while you are portraying the creative content the filmmaker has to offer.

Keeping it simple is the key!!!

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The first movie I watched in the theatre!!!

It was in 1993 when I was a 5 year old boy who used to pass this theatre named Rajtarangini in Cuttack and used to see these weird posters with people posing and all sorts of starring,directed by,produced by, written on them. I used to think what must be happening inside this big complex,were the same people acting inside it,do they come here everyday,and if they did ,was cuttack the only place they visited.I used to commute in a rickshaw and the only thing that used to be in my mind was to reach back home as soon as possible and feed on the lunch that was waiting for me.One fine day, my dad told me that we are going to a theatre and insisted that I complete my lunch fast so that we don’t miss the matinee show(the 2:45 PM show). I asked my mother that where are we going and what the hell am I going to do,she said that we are going to watch a movie on the big screen which was like 50 times bigger than what I see on TV.I said that sounds interesting until I remembered that the poster on display was having a lady with long nails and messy hair indicating some sort of ghostly creature. I was shit scared and kept thinking what is going to happen with me when I come back out of the theatre.

As it turned out,the theatre we were visiting was a different one (Brindaban in cuttack) and the movie that was playing was ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’.My father was a big fan of Shahrukh Khan and I sort of started idolizing him as it was his movie with which I started watching movies onscreen. 

There are some childhood memories that go a long way in defining you as a person and this one is right up there.

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